Sublimation and preservation of the sexual energy

KURS 11.09.2015 Smart kompetanse klokken 17.00

Sexual energy is the basic energy of nature and fundamental energy of the being. It is called Ojas (Vigor) in Yoga or Jing (Essence) in Taoism. It`s a very potent energy, the gasoline that makes our inner fire burn; the capacity to manifest creativity and any transformation in life is fueled by the sexual energy.

With practice, every man can learn how to gain control over this energy and the process of ejaculation, extend the duration of lovemaking, giving enormous pleasure to the partner, and even experience multiple orgasms. Tantric continence can help men to gain a lot of vitality, increase creativity and inner drive, improve relationship in a couple and heal sexual wounds or remove sexual blockages in both partners. Moreover, through practices of sublimation, sexual energy can be transformed to other non-sexual forms of energy such as creativity, affectivity, intuition, mental lucidity or spiritual aspiration. Sex can become a form of meditation and a deep spiritual experience.

During the lecture, we will look upon the sexuality from a Tantric and Tao perspective, the concept of sexual continence and sex sublimation will be described, as well as some technics will be given and practiced in the class. We will combine this ancient knowledge with the information from the modern anatomy and sexology, discussing such topics as the curve of pleasure and bringing the understanding of how the nervous system works during a sexual intercourse.

The lecture is focused mainly on working with the male sexual energy but women are also welcome to attend the lecture together with the partner or alone. For more information about working with female sexual energy, you can join our course “Forms of orgasm from a tantric perspective and female sexual health”

From 17.00-21.00
It will also include yoga practice so bring a yoga mat. If you don’t have one you can rent it for 50 kr.

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After 01.11.2015 it will cost 1000 kr

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