Different forms of orgasm for woman from a tantric perspective

KOM PÅ KURS KLOKKEN 09.11.2015 17.00 Smart kompetanse.

Orgasmic energy is a great force for a deep inner transformation and it can be used not only for a better physical health, mental and psychic balance but also for the evolution of the Self and spiritual awakening. However, some of us has never experience any orgasms; some has felt only superficial clitoral ones. There is a lot of fear, guilt and shame around female sexuality; sexual abuse is something, which is still very common in our lives; tensed pelvic floor muscles promote a development of different diseases in this area, blocking the circulation of the sexual energy. Even sexually healthy and fully orgasmic women can sometimes be not aware of their deep inner potential, lacking the information and relevant practices which can help them to awaken this huge inner power.

Do you have orgasms? How do you experience them? Do you want to feel even more? Are you ready to fully accept your sexuality? To heal your sexual wounds and become a fully orgasmic and sensual woman? Are you ready to open up even more? Are you ready to redefine orgasm and expand your consciousness?

During the workshop, we will describe in details seven types of female orgasms from a tantric point of view, study sexual anatomy, discuss female practices for improving the pelvic floor health and awareness of the vaginal muscles, understand difference between explosive and implosive orgasms, know how to develop inner orgasms, cultivate and sublimate the sexual energy.

Ancient knowledge of Tantra that talks about sexuality from an energy standpoint, combined with the modern anatomy and sexology, will help you to get a deeper understanding of your sexual potential, remove sexual blockages and will give you amazing tools for improving your sexual health and your sexual life, eventually bringing a deep inner transformation to the whole being.

The lecture is focused mainly on working with the female sexual energy but men are also welcome to attend the lecture together with the partner or alone. For more information about working with male sexual energy, you can join our course “Sublimation and preservation of the sexual energy for men”

From 17.00-21.00
It will also include yoga practice so bring a yoga mat. If you don’t have one you can rent it for 50 kr.

If you pay before 01.11.2015 the cost is 600 kr

After 01.11.2015 it will cost 1000 kr

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